Since first opening its doors in 1920,

WIW has been the propeller shaft specialist of Southern California.

Propeller Shafting

PROPELLER SHAFT REPAIR & RECONDITIONING: If you have an existing propeller shaft that is damaged or old, our primary goal is to rework it, using age-old specialty techniques, to make it new again. We save our customers money by reconditioning whenever it is possible, instead of replacing. When replacement is the only option (which our wall of shame demonstrates), we stock a wide range of the highest quality shafting material, along with most major transmission manufacturer companion flanges. Computerized shaft calculations are available upon request.

PROPELLER SHAFT FABRICATION: With quick turn-around time, our expert machinists will fabricate your new propeller shaft from the highest quality materials available. We can fabricate absolutely any shaft up to 15 inches in diameter and up to 36 feet long. Machined to SAE standards with filleted keyways, your shaft will come standard with new nuts, keys, and pin. Installation and facing of the coupling is included at no additional charge. Any special tapers, installation of muff couplings, or problems with existing couplings can be accomodated.

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